About Us

At Smart Home Flix, we provide you with information about new technology products that can make your home life more comfortable and efficient. We provide you with informative guides and reviews so that you can take better decisions for the three categories that we specify and know inside out:

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Sound Machines

Smart Home Flix is also a product review website. Our primary goal is to research and test the products that we write about on our website. Making the choice easier for our readers.

We always strive to give you guidance and feedback that is beneficial for your professional and personal purposes.

When you buy any product through our provided link, we earn a small amount of commission for that specific sale. That will not affect your price, and you will receive the product at its original price. We want to provide you with the best information about various products that we test for free. In order to do that, we’ve decided to opt-in for the affiliate model.

So that our content always stays free to our users, and we only earn a commission if you think it is good enough and trust us with our reviews enough to buy a product via our links.

Meet The Founder

Hans Flix - founder of smarthomeflix

My name is Hans Flix, and I am the founder and CEO of SmartHomeFlix. I hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, which comes very handy since I’ve helped manufacture many of the products that I write about. I’m an avid hunter who loves nothing more than spending time outdoors surrounded by nature. When not working, writing or hunting, I’m watching baseball.

We will soon also present the rest of the team on this page, so stay tuned. Want to get in touch? You’re welcome to send us an email via our contact page.