10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Party

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Party
Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Party

If you plan an outdoor party and want to make the ‘best-ever’ gathering, you should think of what equipment you need. The first thing you should not forget is the best portable Bluetooth speakers for your outdoor party.

When entertaining outdoors, nothing compares to clear, loud music. There’s nothing like a good party playlist playing in the background, infusing your gathering with a feverish mood. A portable Bluetooth speaker is the best addition to your outdoor parties.

Buying a USB flash drive speaker/ portable speaker is one of the valuable investments you will make. You can also connect the Bluetooth speakers with multiple devices such as:

Our team tested over 21 of the top recommended outside party speakers to list the 10 best Bluetooth party speakers.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Party- Top 10 Picks

1. SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50

The Samsung MX-T50 Bluetooth speaker is one of the most influential models in the company’s MX-T line of Bluetooth speakers. And based on our test, the best Bluetooth speaker for an outdoor party. The audio system is huge, measuring 13.8 inches wide by 25.6 inches high by 12.7 inches deep. Weighing 25.6 pounds, this speaker is durable. However, the advertised power outage is rather impressive – 500 watts, to be exact.

Big bass sound and wireless Bluetooth connection

It has a big bass sound and can be used to pump up the volume. The speaker also has an LED light bar that flashes with the music. For someone who is not tech-savvy, it is very easy to set up and use. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for a long time.

With a wireless Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect your phone or tablet to this speaker. The built-in LED lights are great for showing off at a party. You will surely love plenty of lighting options that are sure to add some flair to your next outdoor party.

This speaker features two bi-directional high-power stereo speakers. The bi-directional speakers make it easy to fill large areas with a great quality sound.

The compact size of the MXT50 makes it easy to carry around from place to place and provides high-quality sound that will make your listening experience more enjoyable.

What did we test?

We tested that the SAMSUNG Sound Tower MXT50 is perfect for music lovers who want high-quality sound without spending a fortune. The sound produced by the speakers is fairly rich. Although the bass is loud, it is profound – the dance tunes sound perfect.

The mid-and high-frequency ranges are relatively neutral, which is very pleasing. It is an excellent party Bluetooth speaker with various fascinating features that will make your party stand out.

What We Like Take Note
The lights are synced with the music to provide a more dramatic impact. It is not equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.
Its setup is simple. With the push of a button, you can increase the bass. It does not have a built-in battery.
It is possible to link with another speaker to produce a more robust sound wirelessly.

2. JBL PartyBox 110

jul partybox 110 speaker

Compared to other portable boombox speakers on our list, the new PartyBox 110 from JBL packs a significant punch and provides excellent sound. It weighs 23 pounds, is little more than 22 inches tall, and has a built-in handle for carrying it. Because it includes rubber feet on both sides of the speaker, you can either put it up vertically or horizontally.

Designed to provide up to 12 hours of playback duration at moderate volume settings, it also features an updated light display that syncs to the rhythm of your music. You can personalize the light show from the speaker or download and install the JBL PartyBox companion application.

Another feature is that the speaker does not require an additional power supply as the power adapter is included in the speaker.

If you’re planning a giant party where you’ll be ramping up the volume on the music, you might consider plugging the speaker in. However, it has sufficient volume to fill a large living room and open space with sound and can also be used for a modest pool or beach party.

What do we like about it?

The speaker can be connected through Bluetooth or a traditional USB connection, and it offers both guitar and microphone inputs. Notably, the speaker is splash-proof to IPX4 standards, and it is possible to wirelessly connect two PartyBox 110 speakers to create a stereo sound experience.

What did we test?

While using it, we have found that JBL Party Box 110 is the best option if you’re looking for a portable speaker that can offer large amounts of high-quality sound while still operating on battery power. To be clear, this has a more extensive and better sound than the JBL Boombox 2, but it is heavier and more difficult to transport than the latter.

What We Like Take Note
It is a compact speaker system that is easy to transport. At the maximum volume level, there is some compression present, which might impact the quality of your music during louder listening sessions.
You don’t have to keep it plugged into a power outlet for it to function because it is battery-powered.
There are rubber feet on both the sides and the bottom of this piece, which allows it to be used horizontally or vertically.
On each dial at the top of the speaker, a button allows you to switch the lights on and off and play and stop your audio.



soundboks 2 outdoor speaker


In terms of value, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is a significant investment that offers next-level bass capabilities, a durable design, and hours of outside Bluetooth music.

It is a next-generation audio system that delivers 122 decibels of sound with clear treble and booming bass from two 10-inch subwoofers and a silk dome tweeter, among other features. This indicates that the maximum loudness is nearing a typical rock concert, meaning that your next party will be legendary.

A High-end party speaker

This is a high-end party speaker of exceptional quality. It has been engineered to survive parties of all sizes and durations. Its water-resistant, splash-proof, and dirt-resistant construction ensures long-term performance. In addition to being one of the greatest party speakers available, this model is also ideal for outdoor parties in more natural surroundings or even to protect against spilled beverages from clumsy visitors. Because of its long-lasting battery life of 40 hours, your visitors will be able to dance the night away.

While this speaker is designed to deliver powerful bass, some customers have reported that when the volume is turned up to its maximum, the music begins to lose clarity. However, given how high the top level is, it’s unlikely to be anything that would bother you.

What did we test?

During testing, we found that this is a top-of-the-line device that produces massive bass and loudness. This Bluetooth party speaker is small and portable and operates wirelessly, allowing it to replay audio through Bluetooth streaming or auxiliary input.

Please Note: Remember that the Bluetooth connection is really powerful; thus, avoid getting too close to the speaker, as the interference might be extremely severe!

What We Like Take Note
It has a whopping 122 decibels of sound pressure level. Most people cannot afford it, but it is worthwhile if you host many large gatherings.
The Bluetooth and AUX inputs are available. When the volume is turned to its maximum, the sound loses clarity.
It has Water-resistant construction.
The battery has a life span of 40 hours.


4. Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series

Sony x series speakers

If you’re looking for a portable, loud, multipurpose, and outside party-friendly speaker, Sony’s SRS-XP700 is the one for you!

With Bluetooth functionality, a USB port, and high-quality microphone input, this speaker can connect with a wide variety of devices. It is water-resistant and has a built-in handle, making it easy to transport from one location to another. Another feature you will like about this speaker is the indirect LED light strip that illuminates the speaker from all sides.

The speaker is built with an omnidirectional speaker that delivers a full 360-degree sound. The rear tweeter delivers crisp vocals that don’t get distorted, while the dual driver design of the mid-range delivers clear mids that are never drowned out by the higher frequencies.

With its 25-hour battery life and quick charge feature, this speaker has you covered if you plan on playing it on the go.

The XP700’s built-in lights can be controlled using the Sony Fiestable App or Music Centre App, which lets you construct playlists and tune the EQ of the speaker from your mobile device.

A 99dB listening level can be achieved comfortably with this speaker while preserving balanced, crystal-clear, and pounding audio quality.

What did we test?

We tested it and found that the speaker’s front and rear-mounted tweeters provide sound that can be directed in many directions, making it ideal as the best portable Bluetooth speaker for use in open spaces.

Aside from playing music from a USB drive and accepting input from a microphone or guitar, the XP700 can also serve as a guitar amp or karaoke system on the go.

What We Like Take Note
At any volume, the sound quality is evident and extremely clear. It is somewhat heavy but not impossible to move.
Additional functionality and control are available through mobile applications.
It has excellent battery life.


5. JBL PartyBox 300 

jbl partybox bluetooth speakers


  • The JBL PartyBox 300 is an excellent option for outdoor party speakers. It provides a unique sound experience, has a full-panel lighting effect, and is compatible with Bluetooth wireless streaming.

Those attending parties or utilizing the speakers in big groups will enjoy this speaker’s rich, full-bodied sound. Because these speakers are so powerful, you’ll be able to utilize them at a large gathering without having to worry about being unable to hear the music or speakers over the din.

Even better, the battery in these wireless speakers can be recharged. If you’re looking for a solution to the problem of having to put up standard speakers outside, then this is just what you’re looking for. Because a rechargeable battery powers them, you won’t have to worry about plugging them in at the end of the day or night.

Because of its easy connectivity, full panel lighting, wireless Bluetooth streaming, the built-in rechargeable battery, the 120 W of tremendous power, and ability to connect a guitar or microphone directly to the speaker, I’m confident you’ll love this JBL PartyBox 300 portable Bluetooth speaker.

What did we test?

One of us is also using this speaker and found that it is best for those who love to throw big parties. Due to its portability and rechargeable battery, it can be carried anywhere. It contains inputs for a microphone and a guitar in case the need for a jam session arises.

The option to link with a second JBL Party Box 300 speaker through Bluetooth is an exciting feature of this party speaker. This means you can connect the two to create surround sound in your house, on your patio, or wherever the party takes place.

What We Like Take Note
This speaker connects to mobile devices and tablets through Bluetooth. It has been reported that it creates problems with the charging process.
Provides an audio system on the go.
Creates a stunning light display.
It contains Plug-ins for a guitar.
Has an output wattage of 120 W.


6. ION Audio Block Rocker Plus 

6. ION Audio Block Rocker party speakers

The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is the best of the best when it comes to outdoor party Bluetooth speakers. It has many basses, long-lasting battery life, and is extremely loud.

This ION model boasts a premium design for maximizing volume and bass at a mid-range pricing point. An 8-inch woofer, wide dispersion tweeter, 100-watt amplifier, and bass booster function are all included in the package. This produces a massive boom that can be heard over a great outdoor location, making it suitable for any type of gathering.

  • Your guests will not be distracted by other noises, and they will be able to fully appreciate the music thanks to the sheer loudness of the speakers.

Because of its qualities, the Audio Block Rocker Plus is meant to be transported to any type of outdoor party or event. It is also a very portable Bluetooth speaker. Several features include a telescopic handle, wheels, and built-in carrying handles on the unit’s side, making it easy to travel without straining your back or arms.

Furthermore, this Bluetooth party speaker is multi-functional, as it has Bluetooth wireless technology, AM/FM radio capabilities, an AUX connection, and even a microphone input. This is ideal for any outdoor gathering, and it allows you to try your hand at DJing or get a little karaoke going.

The ION speaker has a battery life of up to 50 hours. But several people have discovered that it is closer to 25 hours than they had anticipated. Even though it is not as long as stated, it is more than sufficient for most political parties.

This party speaker from ION Audio is one of the best on the market, and it should be at the top of your shopping list if you want to organize all-night outdoor parties with powerful sound and pounding bass to remember forever. An Amazon bestseller in its category.

The best thing We noticed!

The best thing we noticed about it is that it is a mid-range price for a bass that shakes the foundations of the room. This five-mode multi-coloured lighting show will have a lively atmosphere at any event.

What we Like Take Note
The karaoke feature, which includes an echo sound effect, will keep you entertained for a long time. Lighting effects are significant, but they shorten the speaker’s playing duration significantly.
Dual mic inputs allow you and a companion to sing simultaneously. The promised battery life is not as long as expected.
With a 6,5″ woofer, you get a polished vitality to the sound.
When fully charged, a rechargeable battery can power a device for the whole day.
A/C power is also available, and the power cord is also supplied.
You can connect non-Bluetooth music players through a 1/8″ aux input.


7. Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (Series II)

bode sound link resolve outdoor speaker

The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II is a compact, portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a woven handle that makes it appear a little bit like a lantern when held up with the handle. A small powerhouse if you will.

  • It is dust and water-resistant and hence suitable for use outdoors. Aside from that, it has a reasonably balanced sound profile and mid-range, making it excellent for listening to audio content with a lot of conversation, such as audiobooks and podcasts.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II is a remarkable piece of portable audio equipment. It’s compact and lightweight, and the built-in handle makes it simple to carry about with you while you’re on the go. It’s a great travel companion. In addition, it is battery-powered, which allows you to take it outside and not worry about finding a power outlet to plug it into.

The battery life is commendably long. Even though the manufacturer claims it can last up to 17 hours on a single 4-hour charge, our testing revealed that it could last more than eight hours on a charge that took roughly three hours. To be sure, battery life might vary based on your usage patterns and the settings you choose, so your real-world experience may be different than your expectations.

What did we test?

One of our team members using this speaker found that The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II is a competent Bluetooth speaker. Because of its relatively well-balanced sound profile, this speaker is suited for a wide range of musical genres. The 360-degree design provides a reasonable soundstage with excellent directivity, ensuring your audio sounds clear from all directions.

What We Like Take Note
It contains an AUX input and a USB connector, which you can connect your device to the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II wireless speaker. At maximum loudness, compression artifacts are visible.
It delivers amazing directional ability.
It has a well-balanced mid-range.
Amazing sound quality


10. QFX Portable Bluetooth Speaker

qfx big portable speaker


The QFX Portable Bluetooth Speaker features a massive subwoofer, 8-inch woofer, amplifier, equalizer, and up to 2,600 watts of power. This powerful, versatile outdoor sound system will keep you enjoying your music wherever you go. The speaker can play music in multiple ways thanks to its wireless design – through a micro SD card, USB port, or even directly through Bluetooth.

The inclusion of a microphone input makes it easy to capture the attention of your guests during karaoke parties or other gatherings. With an extended handle and caster wheels, this portable speaker is incredibly easy to move about the house. When not in use, it can be stored in your car or closet because of its small size which is about 12-20 inches. For anyone who wants to listen to high-quality party music on the road, this is a terrific basic speaker to have in their possession.

It’s hard to find fault with this speaker, other than the fact that the bass isn’t as robust as it should be. This is a great party Bluetooth speaker for a reasonable price.

What did we test?

While using it, we tested that The QFX is perfect for tailgaters, beachgoers, other outdoor parties, and anyone else who wants to enjoy his/her music while hanging out. It’s easy to carry and can be charged just about anywhere – you never have to worry about running low on battery power.

What We Like  Take Note
This solid, affordable speaker has a retractable handle and caster wheels. The bass is a little lacking.
It’s easy to transport and comes with remote control and power cable.
It has a long battery life and can be plugged into any outlet.
It is waterproof.
It has an aux cord, USB port, and a micro-SD card slot.


10. Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System

pyle portable dj speaker 2000w 

With karaoke capabilities, massive sound, and thundering bass, Pyle’s party-ready model is ideal for indoor and outdoor parties. It is also a great speaker for new DJs and is listed in our list of best beginner DJ speakers.

This speaker is a powerful performer in terms of audio quality. With two 10-inch subwoofers and dual 3-inch tweeters, this 2000-watt tower speaker can deliver massive, bass-heavy surround sound. Regardless of the size of your party or the number of guests in attendance, you can count on this party speaker to deliver remarkable volume.

It’s a versatile Bluetooth speaker that accepts input from various sources, including Bluetooth wireless, USB, SD cards, AUX, RCA, FM radio, and even a karaoke microphone that can be connected to the speaker. The Pyle speaker was created with outdoor parties in mind, and it comes with accompanying software that allows you to match colourful flashing DJ lights to the speed of your music while listening.

What do we notice?

When utilizing the Pyle party speaker in Bluetooth mode, the only negative aspect to consider is that you must be cautious of feedback sounds, which can be annoying.

What do we like about it?

This party speaker doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker, with an extensible handle, wheels for easy rolling, and a rechargeable battery to make it even more convenient. This is ideal for concentrating your party in your backyard or quickly pulling it out of storage for occasions like weddings or birthday parties.

It’s impossible to go wrong with this fantastic mid-range Bluetooth party speaker from Pyle if you want to impressively boost the quality of your outdoor gatherings.

What We Like Take Note
It is a portable speaker with a retractable handle. In Bluetooth mode, there is a feedback sound.
This speaker contains a powerful amplifier and subwoofer.
This speaker is easy to take on the go with a retractable handle and caster wheels.
It includes a remote control, power cable, and auxiliary cable.
It is a high-power tower speaker with flashing DJ lights.


Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Party- Buying Guide

What do you need to look for in a Bluetooth speaker? We’ll go over a few factors to keep in mind while you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker for open space parties:


If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker for you, it might be a bit of a chore to sort through all the alternatives. Before diving headfirst into the ever-expanding speaker market, consider size, durability, connectivity, battery life, volume, and cost. A genuinely great portable Bluetooth speaker will be able to fit your lifestyle and budget without sacrificing audio quality.

Power Output

Speakers come in a wide range of power outputs. You can buy battery-powered speakers from 10 watts of power to thousands of watts. Consider getting some party speakers with at least more watts of energy if you want to create a unique environment for your guests.

Quality Sound

Quality sound is the first thing a speaker needs to look for. They are designed to provide high-quality sound. The best Bluetooth speakers will provide crisp and clear sound.

Battery Life

Another important feature to consider is the battery life. Equally important as sound quality, the battery life is the amount of time the speaker will last before it needs to be recharged.


The best portable Bluetooth speakers are built to last. They are designed to withstand the elements and will be able to stand up to the worst weather conditions.


When you are shopping for the best portable Bluetooth speakers for outdoor parties, size is also an important factor to consider.

The best portable Bluetooth speakers for outdoor parties are usually smaller than the ones that you find in a store.


A Bluetooth speaker should have a strong connection. It should be able to connect to any device, not only your smartphone.


Waterproofing is a great feature to look for in a speaker. This will allow you to take it with you to the beach or the pool.


The weight of the speaker is also important. You need to ensure that the speaker is light enough to carry with you.


What if you’ve just finished setting up your party, and you’re eager to get started with your new speakers? For some reason, the speakers on your device or sound system do not work with your device or system of choice. Make sure that your internet connection is powerful enough and compatible with your device before using it. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation in the long run.

How Bluetooth Speakers Work

A Bluetooth speaker connects your source of music to the speaker itself through a Bluetooth connection, which is wireless.

Bluetooth is a wireless connection standard initially designed for short-range communication. Still, it has now evolved into a standard for a variety of additional wireless connectivity applications due to the 2.48 GHz ISM band and other methods such as frequency hopping.

This allows it to function on the Internet of Things (IoT) and other wireless communication platforms where minimal power consumption is required.

For this reason, Bluetooth speakers are perfect for any party because they have an amplifier, speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, and a battery. Depending on the type and brand you choose, an auxiliary input may be provided, allowing wired communication if required.

A Bluetooth speaker has several controls, including volume control, an on/off switch, a pairing button, and an indicator.

Some models may additionally have NFC technology for quicker pairing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to check the sound quality of my speakers?

Playing a sound or music via your speakers at a low volume is a fantastic method to assess their quality. Consider the sound quality at a lesser volume before turning it up to its maximum volume.

How many watts should a good speaker have?

The wattage will inform you how strong the speaker is. If you’re just listening for fun, 50 watts should be more than enough power. 200 watts is thought to be enough power for a professional musician or a person looking for a louder speaker.

Can speakers be damaged by particular sounds?

Yes, without a doubt. Damage to the speakers can occur fast if the volume is too high when playing music via the speakers. The fastest way to permanently harm low-frequency speakers is to overpower them with high audio power levels. To avoid damaging your speakers, ensure the volume is set appropriately and the frequencies aren’t too high.

What happens if the impedance of the speaker is too low?

If your speakers’ impedance is too low, the output will be feeble, and the tone will be below. Getting suitable resistors, which will dissipate one-fourth of the amplifier’s maximum power output, can assist solve this problem.

Final Thought

If you want to play fantastic music at your next party or event, don’t second-guess yourself and take the help from our guide to the best portable Bluetooth speakers for an outdoor party.

We’ve put up a list of some of the greatest choices available to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your situation. Consider how big the party is, where it is, and what you want to do with the music.

If budget is not a problem, we would recommend SOUNDBOKS2, but if you are running on a budget, both ION Audio Block Rocker Plus and QFX Portable Bluetooth Speaker can be the best choices.

Nevertheless, remember to have fun with your guests, and most importantly, remember to have fun with yourself. Make sure you pick the best speaker for your event so that you have the most fun possible.

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