10 Best White Noise Machines For Adults – Buying Guide

Best White Noise Machine For Adults
Best White Noise Machine For Adults

Are you a privacy-seeking adult? Do you want a peaceful environment for study, work, or sleep? Then you are definitely here to find the Best White noise machine for Adults. And we’ve done the due diligence for you.

The CDC released a study in February 2016 drawing attention to the lack of sleep that many adults are not getting regularly. According to various figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. One of the reasons behind not having enough sleep is a well-known culprit–background noises.

Background noise is as harmful to mental health as other external factors, such as high work stress or poor relationships with family members.

White noise machines designed for noisy environments like apartments/offices may help you get a better quality night’s sleep and maintain your privacy by masking environmental or outside noises that disrupt life. The sounds of the white noise machines are usually soothing, helping you sleep peacefully and reduce anxiety.

The following are the best sound machines for adults, based on reviews, ratings, and our own experiences.

Best White Noise Machines for Adults- Our Top 10 Picks

White noise machines are designed to produce a sound similar to the sound of the natural environment. These machines are also known as “Sound machines.”

Now, let’s find out the best white noise machines for adults and see which one is best for you. Below this comparison table, we’ve reviewed and listed the ten best adult sound machines.

Comparison Table

Overall Best

LectroFan Evo 

Easy-to-use Machine

Marpac Dohm Classic

Best Budget

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine 


Magicteam Sound Machines 

Best for Travel

Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine 

Also Best for Travel

SNOOZ Go – Travel White Noise Sound Machine 

Best Luxury Noise Machine

Hatch Restore 

More layered & Complex sounds

Sound+Sleep White Noise Machine 

Best Value

Dreamegg Sound Machine with 24 Calming Sound, Ambient Nightlight, Continuous or Timer 

Best for Fan sound Lovers

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine – Real Fan Inside for Non-Looping White Noise Sounds 

1. LectroFan Evo (Overall Best)

lectofans eve sound machine



The LectroFan Evo is our favourite white noise machine for adults. The noise sounds are incredibly soothing and help you fall asleep and do work with ease. It is also recommended by Amazon themselves and is a clear test-winning product.

This sound machine is designed to provide you with a healthy environment and is a highly rated white noise machine. It can easily mask the sounds of a snoring partner, barking dogs, or other household noises, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

While using it, we found that it has great sound quality and justifies its feature, i.e. non-looping sound machine. It has ten fan sounds providing white, brown, and pink variations. It also presents two varieties of ocean sounds i.e. surf and calm. All the sounds are similar to the natural sounds of the environment, allowing you to enjoy your privacy with full peace of mind.

During our test, we found that the machine is quiet and can be used even in an office environment without disturbing others. The volume can be adjusted manually to ensure you have the right sound level.

What We Like Most

This sound machine has better sound options and volume range than all other similarly priced sound machines we have tested. It comes with an integrated timer that can help you set the timer to the desired length of time.

It is a versatile and easy-to-use sound machine. It has a portable battery-powered design and a 3.5mm connector to match your environment and sleep style.

It is the best white noise machine for adults who are sensitive to loud noises. It is a good choice for adults who suffer from insomnia.

Bottom Line

It is the perfect machine to get a better night’s sleep, block out distracting noises and create a distraction-free work environment. It is an easy-to-use, presenting non-looping sounds, multi-functional device that helps you fall asleep with ease.

What We Like
  • Provides a healthy environment for adults
  • The sound options are very good
  • The non-looping sounds are very soothing

Take Note
  • There is no bass and the audio is quite weak.

Important To Know

Lectrofan Classic is also a good option for adults under 50 dollars. One great thing that we noticed about it is that it is very easy to use, especially during nighttime, and its controls are very simple and user-friendly. With 20 non-looping sounds, this high-rated machine is amazing.

2. Marpac Dohm Classic (Easy-to-use Machine)

Marpac Dohm Classic sound machine


We have used a number of white noise machines over the years, including those made by Marpac and others. While they’ve all been good, nothing compares to the sound of the Marpac Dohm Classic Natural Sleep Machine. Not only does it produce the classic white noise sounds that everyone knows and loves, but it does so in a way that makes it extremely easy to adjust the noise level. This makes it a perfect machine for a wide range of people, from toddlers to adults and everything in between.  

  • Its design is sleek and unobtrusive, which is a big plus. The white noise machine is quite portable and can be used in almost any house room.

At the time of testing, we found that this sound machine creates constant and consistent sounds of rushing air that are very soothing and comforting. We also love that the Dohm is adjustable, so you can easily customize the sound to your needs.

What We Like Most

 It doesn’t matter what kind of environment you’re trying to mask. The Dohm can do it.  In addition to masking out noise, the Dohm is also extremely easy to use and set up. There is a small dial that you can move to adjust the amount of noise produced, and then there is a switch on the back that lets you select from the two different speeds included with the unit.

This is the perfect machine for anyone needing a little help with their sleep and privacy. Whether you’re a toddler who is just learning to fall asleep on your own, a teenager with insomnia, an adult with tinnitus, or a freelancer or job owner, this is one of the best machines for helping you to fall asleep and stay concentrated in your work.

Bottom Line

It’s also one of the most effective noise machines that we’ve tested, so you can be sure that it will do the job it’s supposed to do.

What We Like
  • Soothing natural sounds of rushing air
  • Adjustable noise level
  • Adjustable speed of the noise
  • Portable
  • Noise masking machine that is easy to use

Take Note
  • Not ideal for big spaces, you would definitely but two or three units for big space.

Important To Know

Another Best Noise Machine from Marpac is Marpac Yogasleep Dohm. This high-rated (4.7 stars) comes with ambient sounds of the natural fan. But it has fewer adjustable volume features than Marpac Classic. There is a video to explain more.


3. HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine (Best Budget)

homedics white sound machine

The HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine is one of the noise machines that will not break your bank. It is a portable sound therapy machine designed to help you get a good night’s sleep and create a peaceful environment for work.

Offered in six soothing sounds, you can choose to listen to the sound that is more soothing for you. Each sound is digitally recorded and carefully crafted to mimic the natural environment so you can get the restful night’s sleep you deserve. These soothing sounds are perfect for babies, toddlers, and adults alike.

With a wide selection of sounds to choose from, you can adjust the volume to match your own preferences. One of the things that we really liked about the White Noise Sound Machine was that it had volume control. We found it much easier to adjust the volume than it was to turn up the radio or television. You can work, play, or relax in peace with the sounds playing in the background.

What We Like Most

This White Noise Sound Machine has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around. With good battery life, you can use it virtually anywhere, even in the car. There are also different ways to charge the unit, so you can plug it into the wall, use four AA batteries, or use an AC adapter.

With a handy auto-off timer, you can set it to play the sounds for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. If you have a long flight ahead of you, you can choose to turn the sound off after 15 minutes to save on battery life.

Bottom Line

Our tests prove that this is one of the great options for adults who want a portable sound machine on a low budget. With six soothing sounds to choose from, this is an amazing sound machine we have tested within that price range and also has a  good rating.

What We Like
  • Six soothing sounds to choose from
  • Volume control
  • Compact & Portable for Travel
  • Auto-Off Timer
Take Note
  • The volume knob sometimes becomes unreliable. But it can be fixed by properly cleaning the switch after removing the four screws from the bottom.

4. Magicteam Sound Machine (Budget-Friendly)

magic team white sound machine


The Magicteam Sound Machine is one of the high-rated machines we have tested. It is also perfect for adults who want sound variations. It has 20 soothing natural sounds that are perfect for babies, kids, and adults. This machine can create the sounds of bird, fan, fire, wave, brook, and rain with many variations.

It is very easy to use and is sure to provide an excellent sleep experience. Each sound is adjustable with volume, and it is possible to set a timer. The timer can be set to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, or continuous play. It is to ensure that the right amount of volume is at the right level.

Moreover, the sound machine also has a memory function so when you turn the machine on again. The volume settings will be restored to their last state.

What We Like Most

While using it, the sounds seem to come from the environment, not from a looping device like some adult noise machines. All the 20 sounds are very soothing and relaxing, non-looping, and you can set them to the right volume.

The advanced no-looping technology provides a comfortable environment for work and sleep, protects us from hearing loss, and prohibits noise pollution.

Bottom lines

This machine is ideal for adults who want to enjoy the sounds of nature in a real environment. It is easy to set up, and the volume and timer settings are easy to control. The machine is also quite small and portable so you can take it with you when you go to sleep.

What We Like
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • 20 sounds with adjustable volume and timer.
  • No-looping advanced technology protects hearing.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Memory function restores previous volume, sound, and time.

Take Note
  • It is a loud sound machine. You have to keep the volume adjustable with your needs.

5. Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine (Best for Travel)

yoga sleep sound machine


The Yogasleep sound machine is perfect for adults who want to buy a portable sound machine for outdoor adventures. Besides, this sound machine is also a great travel companion, especially for those who are afraid of sleeping alone in a hotel room.

This white noise machine is very easy to use and allows you to adjust the volume. It includes a number of different sounds to choose from, and they are soothing and relaxing to listen to. These three sounds include the gentle surf, descent fan sound, and bright white noise like that of an airplane.

The machine is portable and can be carried with you anywhere you go. The machine also includes a USB charger for charging on the go. As I have said, the sound is soothing and relaxing, perfect for people suffering from anxiety or insomnia.

What We Like Most

We love the unique and sleek design that makes it best for travelling and outdoor use. This travel white noise machine is compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

The product has a 3.5″ diameter, weighs only 3.8 ounces, and can be operated on a single charge. We also like that it is made from durable material that is also easy to clean. This travel white noise machine has a strong battery life and will last you a long time.

Bottom Line

During our tests with this little device, we found that it is a great little machine for those who need to relax or sleep in a noisy environment, and the price point is extremely reasonable for what you’re getting. Overall, this is a great, lightweight device that is perfect for those who need a portable option to help them sleep, work and relax.

What We Like
  • It is very portable and can be carried with you anywhere you go.
  • The machine includes a number of different sounds to choose from.
  • USB charging

Take Note
  • It has fewer sound options but is good at this price.

6. SNOOZ Go – Travel White Noise Sound Machine (Also Best for Travel)

snoop go sound machine


If you’re looking for a portable white noise machine, the SNOOZ Go should definitely be on your radar. It is a great option for people who need to travel frequently and don’t want to worry about carrying around bulky, heavy noise machines. It is also perfect for adults who have trouble sleeping and working because of loud, irritating sounds.

This portable noise machine is a unique, portable device that will help you get some much-needed rest. Simply place the device on your bedside table, press play, and rest assured that the soothing sounds are playing for 20 hours on a single charge.

It offers 6 non-looping sounds that include white noise, pink noise, and fan sounds, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. These sounds are soft, smooth, and soothing and perfect for adults looking to get a good night’s sleep.

  • It also comes with a USB-C cable so you can easily recharge the device when you’re travelling.

What We Like Most

What we love about the SNOOZ Go is how incredibly lightweight it is. This is great for travel because it fits easily into your luggage, briefcase, backpack, or even your purse. If you’re looking for a portable noise machine, this device is a great option and would be a great addition to your travelling bag.

This smart device also features Bluetooth capability, so you can pair it with your smartphone or MP3 player and listen to your tunes without having to deal with wires. The sound quality is surprisingly good and offers high fidelity, although I do wish it had a louder output.

While using it, we found that the SNOOZ Go is a must-have for travellers, parents, and children alike. It offers a variety of soothing sounds, is lightweight, and packs easily in your carry-on luggage. For under $20, this is one of the best portable noise machines on the market and a great addition to any traveller’s kit.

What We Like
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact
  • Great for travellers
  • Six non-looping sounds to choose from
  • Comes with a USB-C cable so you can easily recharge
  • Bluetooth capability

Take Note
  • Sometimes, the sounds are repeating and not soothing for the ears.

7. Hatch Restore (Best Luxury Noise Machine)

hatch restore white sound machine


The Hatch Restore Sleep Machine is a nice, luxury option for adults looking for a sound machine and a gentle wake-up alarm clock. It uses vibrations, colours, and sounds to rouse you from your sleep gently. It also offers the option to change the colour of the light emitted from the device. This allows you to create a different ambient light effect in your room, which can be used in conjunction with the device’s other features.

The device also comes with an app that allows you to use it to control the different features of the device. This allows you to set your preferred sleep-wake routine and customize the wake-up sound.

The device is fairly small, which is an advantage, as it will not take up too much space in your room. It is also fairly quiet, which is a great feature, as it will not disturb your sleep.

What we Like most

We love its ability to create a customized sleep-wake routine that helps you relax before bed. Once you have created a custom wake-up routine, you can then control the device to play specific sounds and change the light colours. This is a nice feature that we tested, and we think it will be useful for people who struggle with falling asleep due to insomnia.

You can also set the device to turn off when you are awake and then turn it back on when you go to bed. If you want to use the device as a nightstand alarm clock, you can do so as well.

Bottom Line

The Hatch Restore is a great way to get a gentle wake-up alarm clock for around $50. It uses a variety of different features to help you get ready for bed. It has a clean design that makes it feel like a luxury item. It also includes a free trial of the Hatch Sleep Membership, which lets you try out the app before buying.

What We Like
  • Can be used with the companion app to create your own sleep-wake routine.
  • It comes with a free app that allows you to control the device.
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to carry around.
  • It is designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.
Take Note
  • The companion app is free but requires a paid subscription to use all of the features of the app.

8. Dreamegg Sound Machine (Best Value)

dreamed white adult sound machine


The Dreamegg Sound Machine is the perfect noise machine for babies, kids, and adults. This white noise machine will help you relax and get a good night’s sleep with a soothing, natural sound.

This top-rated noise machine comes with an awesome night light feature. It’s great for babies and adults and can be used in the nursery, home, office, and even the car. It gives out a decent amber nightlight that is very relaxing and can be used as a night lamp.

This sound machine has an adjustable sound to suit your needs. It also comes with an adjustable sleep timer that will turn the sound off after a set time or run it non-stop.

  • This noise machine is compact, lightweight, and portable. It has a high-quality sound and a sleek design that will make it look good in your room. it can easily fit in your handbag and suitcase.

What We Like Most

We love its 24 soothing and very relaxing sounds. The variety of sounds helps you to choose the one that best fits your that time requirements. For instance, ocean waves and rainfall may help soothe you if you are stressed. The light to deep fan noise can be a great way to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

What we found during our tests is that this amazing item has the ability to mask all unwanted noises. Up to 95dB, this loud noise machine has a great ability to tune out noise effectively. Turn it on, tune the noise out, and a respite from office workers, noisy snorers, hotel rooms, or sound-sensitive dogs.

Bottom Lines

This is one of the best-reviewed noise machines. Comes with 24 soothing sounds with an adjustable timer and nightlight. It is best for adults looking for privacy at work and at home.

What We Like
  • Great for babies and adults.
  • It has a high sound quality.
  • It has a great ability to mask the noise.
  • It has a good night light feature.

Take Note
  • This is a loud noise machine, but putting it at a recommended level will fix this problem.

9. Sound+Sleep White Noise Machine

adaptive sound technologies black adult sound machine


The Sound+Sleep white noise machines are designed to give you a restful night’s sleep. Each machine has ten unique sounds you can choose from to put you to sleep. These sounds include everything from ocean waves to raindrops.

This white noise machine also comes equipped with three different settings controls. You can easily adjust the sound and volume settings by using the control panel on the top of the machine.

In addition to this, the machine also comes with a sleep timer. This timer can be used to ensure that you get the perfect amount of sleep at the right time.

You can also choose to have the machine operate in either the adaptive or manual mode. In the adaptive mode, the machine will adjust the volume and sound settings according to the surrounding environment.

What We Like Most

We test that It creates a natural and realistic environment for sleeping and relaxing. This machine gives out high-fidelity sound creating an effective environment for work and sleep.

Another feature we love most is its automatic setting feature. This feature automatically adjusts the volume by sensing the surroundings. For example, when my neighbour slams the door, it automatically increases the volume to mask that noise.

Bottom Line

The Sound+Sleep white noise machines allow you to rest better than ever before. They offer ten high-quality natural sounds to put you to sleep. The adjustable volume and frequency of the sounds allow you to select the perfect level for the optimal nighttime operating environment.

What We Like
  • 10 high-quality natural sounds
  • Three rich settings control
  • Sleep timer and display controls provide an optimal nighttime operating environment
  • High-fidelity sound
  • Creates a Realistic and natural environment

Take Note
  • The automatic sound adjustment feature may hurt the baby’s hearing. For babies, it is good to treat it manually.

10. SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine (Best for Fan sound Lovers)

snooz white adult sound machine


If you are a big fan of real fans. Then this Snooz sound machine is definitely for you. It creates a sense of calm and comfort that is hard to come by these days.

The SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine is the first product of its kind and features a white noise machine with a powerful, non-looping fan inside. The fan inside it is quite powerful and is capable of producing a soothing sound for you.

One of its good features is Snooz free companion app. However, it works well without the app, but for additional features like remote control, nightlight mode, On/Off switch, and nursery calibration, you can install the app on your smartphone and enjoy additional features.

This noise machine can be used in different settings like noisy hotel rooms, loud neighbours, noisy offices, and noisy restaurants. It also comes with a soft night light and adjustable volume control.

Fun fact: this particular sound machine was also ranked among the overall best sound machines to have in your apartment.

What We Like Most

In terms of sound quality, We were impressed by the results. We tested it at various levels, and the fan was able to produce a wide range of tones that included soft, peaceful, and relaxing sounds, as well as medium to loud noises.

It is fairly small and lightweight. It doesn’t take up much space and can easily be placed on a desk or nightstand. It is also quite portable and comes with a travel bag for safekeeping.

Bottom Line

The SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine is a great choice for an adult who is looking for a relaxing and comforting experience. Its portable design allows you to bring it anywhere, and the sound quality is incredibly good. Plus, the sleep timer feature is extremely convenient for helping children and pets sleep.

What We Like
  • Real Fan sounds having powerful fan inside
  • Travel friendly
  • The sound quality is quite good
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Sleep timer

Take note
  • Slightly pricey but worth the price

Things to Consider While Buying a White Noise Machine-Buying Guide

When buying a white noise machine, there are some things that you need to consider. These include;

Sound Options

The first and most important thing to consider is the type of sound that soothe or relax you much. There are different types of sounds, such as; Fan sounds, ocean waves, raindrops, and even birds chirping. Some sound machines mechanically produce white noise, usually with the help of a fan, and others play the recorded sounds. So, first, choose the sound that is more relaxing and soothing for you.

Search for the Machine

After selecting the sounds, it’s time to search the market. You have to find out which models are offering your favorite sounds.

Sound Quality

Sound quality also matters a lot. Then, the sound quality of the machine must be good. You need to look for a high-quality sound machine. A high-quality sound machine will give you a natural and realistic environment for sleeping and relaxing. It should also be high-fidelity.

Volume Control

Volume control is another important thing to consider. It is essential to have a machine that allows you to control the volume of the sound. Loud noise machines may cause you hearing loss or other anxiety issues. It is good to keep the volume below the recommended level. Some machines also have automatic volume controls. But it’s good to have manual controls.

Ease of Use

The other important thing that you need to consider is the ease of use. If you are purchasing it for sleep problems, then it’s obvious that you have to use it at night. So the controls should be easy to operate. You can control the volume and frequency with the help of the controls on the top of the machine.


Price is another important factor to consider. You can buy a machine that is very expensive or a cheap one. The machine’s price will depend on its features and how many sounds it offers. So, it’s better to check your budget and needs and then go for a purchase.


If you like outdoor adventures and want to buy this sleep aid, then the machine’s size is one important thing you have to consider. For this, the machine should be portable, lightweight, and compact. I have mentioned two white noise machines in this list that is best for travellers.

Other Features

If you have a good budget and you want a feature-rich machine, then you should consider the following features; Sleep timer, Sleep mode, adjustable volume and frequency, automatic sound adjustment, remote control, Siri/ Alexa compatibility, and wake-up light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do we need white noise?

White noise is used to promote relaxation and sleep. It has a calming effect and can reduce anxiety. It can also help with sleep problems and improve productivity at work by providing full-time privacy.

How does white noise help in sleep?

White noise helps in sleep by blocking out other noises. It creates a soothing environment that helps you to fall asleep. The sound of white noise may also help you to fall asleep faster. It can also help you to sleep longer, and sound may help you to have a better night’s sleep.

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What type of white noise is best for sleeping?

White, brown, and pink noises are all good for sleep. You can choose the type of noise you want. Some of the white noise machines produce sounds that are natural, relaxing, soothing, and calming. They include fan sounds, ocean waves, raindrops, and even birds chirping. They all fall into the category of audible sounds/frequencies and soothe you while sleeping.

Is white noise harmful to us?

No, it is safe for us, but keeping it at the right distance with the right volume (below 50 decibels ) is essential to ensure it doesn’t cause hearing damage.

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Final Thought

A white noise machine is the best option for people who have a noisy environment. It can also improve productivity at work and help you to sleep better. However, there are apps for white noises that are not very effective. It is always good to have some research while purchasing a sound machine.

Previously, I had shared the buying guide and the list of the best white noise machines for adults. All our ten picks are highly rated and well tested. You can read about it and buy the one that suits your needs. if you have any queries or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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