Can You See Infrared Cameras At Night? Tips And Guide

Can You See Infrared Cameras At Night
Can You See Infrared Cameras At Night

Have you ever seen a night vision camera in movies? It is more like a super device that can see even in the dark. But can you see infrared cameras at night? And detect who is spying on you? “Yes,” you can. There are some ways to see infrared cameras at night. This article will highlight two easy and affordable methods to detect infrared cameras at night.

An infrared camera is a device that is used to sense infrared radiation in low or no light conditions and convert this energy into a picture. This process is performed with the help of an infrared sensor to detect the level of heat in an area, which then enables the infrared camera to take pictures.

Infrared cameras are primarily used for security purposes and were very costly but now with the emergence of new companies like Flir, Seek and etc. you can buy the best thermal cameras for under 500, not only this but thermal monoculars under $1000 can also perform best for basic needs.

As they become affordable, they are now used in many fields such as security, forensics, surveillance, hunting, robotics, agriculture, medicine, and even roof inspection.

But sometimes, people use it for negative purposes such as spying, or criminal activities. So, it is very important to know the methods of how to detect infrared cameras at night.

How to Detect Infrared Cameras at Night?

The main advantage of using infrared cameras for spying, hunting, and security is that they can see the objects in the dark. This is one of the must-have items for professional hunters, that’s why hunting lovers always looking for the best thermal imager for hunting. Let’s discuss the methods to detect infrared cameras at night.

Method 1: See IR Light with the Phone

This is the easiest and the most affordable way to detect infrared cameras at night. However, there are a number of apps available on the app store that allow you to see infrared cameras with the help of your phone. But the digital cameras in the phones can also be a good detector to find infrared cameras at night.

For detecting infrared light through your phone, you have to follow the given steps:

1. Open the camera app or the “Hidden Camera Detective” app on your phone. This app allows you to easily detect all kinds of hidden cameras. This is not only an app for detecting hidden cameras, but it also contains a lot of useful features to protect your privacy. It is an essential security app for all Android and iOS users.

2. Scan the area for the presence of an infrared camera. If there is a camera in your surroundings the phone camera will show white or blue light in the camera preview. If you can’t see that particular light from your naked eye, it means it’s the infrared light that is spying on you. But stay! This infrared light may not be an infrared camera.

3. There are many other devices in your surroundings that emit infrared light such as heaters, infrared remote controls, and more. So, be careful about it. Always check the kind of device before taking an action.

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Method 2: See IR Light with Glasses

If you want to see IR light with glasses, it’s a simple process comprising 3 main steps.

1. Purchase welding goggles with removable lenses.

2. Purchase some blue and red stage lighting gels. These go gels remove almost all the visible light so you can see the infrared light better.

3. Using the original lenses as a guide, cut 8 lenses each from the color gels. To convert the welding goggles to infrared goggles, you need four lenses of red and blue stage lighting gel for each lens.

4. After cutting the lenses, insert them into the goggles in a way that 2 red gel lenses should be placed in between 2 blue gel lenses on one side. And 2 blue gel lenses should be placed in between 2 red gel lenses on the other side.

5. After successfully finishing this process, put the infrared goggles on and go to some bright places. Now observe your surroundings, if the objects give out the shades of violet and pink and the sky looks darker then it means the goggle is successfully filtering the visible light spectrum and you can see now infrared light. So, in under 10 dollars, you can see who is spying on you.

Infrared goggles can also be used for a variety of different applications such as inspecting solar panels and looking for leaks in home plumbing. For more details, watch the video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t we see infrared light with our naked eyes?

Without a doubt, infrared light is invisible to our eyes. But we can see visible light. This is because of the difference in the wavelength of visible light and infrared light. The visible light has a wavelength of 380 to 740 nanometres and the infrared light has a wavelength of 700 nanometers to one millimeter.

The human eye is not designed to detect light in the infrared spectrum. So, we can’t see infrared light with our naked eyes. But the infrared light can be seen by the digital cameras on our phones.

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How can a phone camera detect Infrared Light?

By comparison, the human eye cannot detect infrared light but the camera on a phone can detect infrared light. The reason is that the phone camera is more sensitive to light than the human eye. You can check it by yourself.

Take any remote control like T.V, A.C or other remote and press any button and watch this through your phone camera, you can see the light blinking on the top of the remote sensor that can’t be seen through the naked eye.

Can a Digital Camera detect Infrared radiation?

Can a camera detect infrared radiations? The answer is, to some extent, yes. For a more concrete answer, we need to understand what is infrared and how our photodiodes respond to them.

Infrared is just light with a longer wavelength (frequencies closer to red or even past it, way below human visible light frequencies). Most cameras are not sensitive to infrared. A few have been modified — but these tend to be adapted for astronomical use, and typically have an IR filter that blocks most of the IR. You would not use an ordinary camera to catch much IR unless you added an infrared filter.

Final Thought

The infrared cameras can be used for a variety of different purposes such as spying, security, and even detecting infrared lights. However, it is essential to be aware of infrared cameras. So, you need to know the methods to detect infrared cameras at night. Here we have discussed two methods for detecting infrared cameras at night. One is by using infrared goggles and the other is by using a phone camera. A Camera can also be used for detecting infrared rays but they are not only expensive but also have infrared filters and you have to modify settings to detect infrared light.

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