How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4? – Easy Methods

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4
How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4

Bluetooth speakers cannot be used with a PS4 due to a policy enforced by Sony. The exception is that you’ll need a speaker with a wired connection to the PS4. Or you can connect your Bluetooth speaker directly to your TV, where you can then play the music from that device instead of using cables,

The PS4 is the most pleasing way to make your gaming sessions more exciting. It has decent speakers; however, they may not be sufficient for all your requirements.

Isn’t it more thrilling to take in the sound effects in their full surround-sound splendor? As a result, you’ll feel more immersed in the game and more motivated to succeed. That’s why we’re going to show you how to connect Bluetooth speakers to your PS4 in this article.

Connect the Bluetooth Speaker Using an Optical Audio Cable to PS4

Optical audio cables can connect a Bluetooth speaker to Ps4 if you do not have a smart TV and yet need to connect the speaker.

There is a jack in the center of each cable and a hexagonal plastic hole. These cords can be used to connect a Bluetooth speaker, however, keep in mind that the PS4 slim does not have an audio output connector. If you have a PS4 Slim, look at the alternatives listed below.

Connecting the Bluetooth speaker to PS4 is as simple as plugging one end of the cord into the speaker. Your speaker’s audio cable port is located on the back of the speaker. In the case of speakers without a port, an optical adapter is an option.

The other end of the cable should be inserted into the optical port on the PlayStation 4, located on the far-left side of the console. The audio from the PS4 should be played over the Bluetooth speakers as soon as the connection is made.

If the audio does not play via the speakers, check the speaker level, or make necessary adjustments to the cable.

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Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to PS4 Using an Audio Extractor

If you want to connect a Bluetooth speaker to PS4, then an audio extractor comes in useful. These extractors are equipped with two HDMI ports located on opposite ends of the cables. Additionally, they contain audio connectors for RCA audio cables, optical audio cables, and 3.5mm stereo.

The audio output of your speaker should be compatible with the extractor you purchase. Please remember that the audio extractor can have a bad quality of the audio you get from your speakers. An audio cable is also necessary, and this must be used to connect both the audio output of the extractor and the audio input of your speakers.

Besides, having an extra HDMI cable is useful when connecting the audio extractor to the television. The first HDMI cable should be used to connect the audio extractor to the PS4 to begin playing the audio. The second HDMI cable is used to connect to the television. Then, using the audio cord, connect your audio extractor to the speaker you want to use.

Once all of the cables are connected to their appropriate ports on the PS4, you should be able to hear the sound coming from the console through the speakers.

Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to PS4 Using an Auxiliary Cable

You can easily connect the speaker to the PS4 using a 3.5mm audio cord. The majority of the speakers contain a headphone port, which you may use to connect them to your PS4 system.

Plug one end of the jack into the speaker and the other end into the PS4 to play the audio.

You must first connect the speaker through an audio jack and then open the PS4’s settings by scrolling down to the devices section and selecting audio devices. Make sure to pick “Output device,” followed by “Headset linked to the Controller.”

From there, pick the option “Output to Headphones” and then “All Audio” from the drop-down menu. Your speaker will be ready to play as soon as you finish this step. Activate the speakers and begin playing a game.

If the speaker is still not playing, double-check the connections and settings to confirm that everything is in working order.

Use Bluetooth USB Adapter to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4?

If you still need to connect the speakers wirelessly to PS4but do not have a smart TV, you can use a Bluetooth USB adaptor to do this. The adapter is in the shape of a USB device, and it connects to the USB port on your PS4. The majority of these adapters will immediately connect to any audio device that has Bluetooth functionality.

USB adapters are simple USB devices, while some incorporate screens that display music and other information. When purchasing an adapter, be sure to go for the Bluetooth version to provide you with a good range and speed. Bluetooth version 4.0 or later should be supported by the adapter.

Once you’ve obtained the adapter, you’ll need to connect it to the USB port on your PlayStation 4 to power the Bluetooth speaker. The audio from the PS4 will be instantly sent to the Bluetooth speaker. There is no need for a complicated setup.

Connect the Bluetooth Speaker Wirelessly to PS4?

Sadly, the PS4 does not have a Bluetooth adaptor, so it cannot connect to Bluetooth speakers wirelessly. To connect wirelessly to the speaker, you can do so via your television.

With a Bluetooth-enabled TV, you can quickly connect it to your Bluetooth speaker, which will then play the sound over the HDMI wire that links the TV to the PlayStation 4. You’ll need to turn on your Bluetooth speaker and link it with your television to get started.

Once the TV and the speaker have been successfully connected, you can utilize them. The sound settings on your TV must be opened before connecting the TV to the speakers.

Select the speaker’s option from the drop-down menu and press the Bluetooth button. Click on the speaker’s name when it appears in the list, and the audio will be transmitted to the speaker.

Different smart TVs feature a variety of configuration choices. In the case of some brands, such as Sony, you must choose a Bluetooth speaker from the “Network and Accessories” section of the Settings menu. Select Bluetooth settings and switch on Bluetooth from there.

A list of Bluetooth devices will display, and you can choose your speaker from this list. If you don’t see the speaker, hit the “Add Accessories” button, and it will show up. Consult your TV’s user manual for instructions on connecting a Bluetooth device and follow them.

There is no method to connect the speaker wirelessly to PS4 other than by attaching it to your tv. As a result, you must make sure that your smart TV can support Bluetooth connections.


It becomes annoying sometimes if you can’t hear what’s going on in the game while you’re playing on your PS4. It’s as if the sound is the final piece of the puzzle, and that’s why it’s so essential while playing PS4.

You can use a Bluetooth adaptor or your smart TV to connect your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly to your PS4. If you don’t like either of these two solutions, you can always go with the wires.

The majority of Bluetooth speakers on the market can connect to a PS4 using one of the techniques listed above. All you need is a speaker that maintains the quality of its audio output regardless of the connection method you use.

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