How to Use Headphones and Microphone at The Same Time?Ultimate Guide

How to Use Headphones and Microphone at The Same Time?
How to Use Headphones and Microphone at The Same Time?

With all the audio options available to us these days, it can be a difficult process to figure out how to use headphones and microphone at the same time.

Using headphones and microphone at the same time can be a great choice if you want to listen to your favorite songs while gaming online. It is also helpful if you prefer listening to music, podcasts, or long-form videos while completing other tasks on your computer like office work.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure you’re using your headphones and microphone together in an effective way.

We’ve created this ultimate guide on how to use headphones and microphone at the same time so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

How to Use Headphones and Microphone at The Same Time?

Before we get into how to use headphones and microphone at the same time, it’s important to understand why you would want to do so in the first place. Many people think they need two devices when they only need one. Headphones serve as both an audio input device (microphone) and an output device (speakers). This means that if you connect them directly into your computer’s headphone jack, then they will both record what’s being played through the speaker as well as playback what’s recorded by the microphone.

There are a few ways to work around this problem and allow you to use your headphones and microphone at the same time.

The first option is to purchase an adapter that converts the single headphone jack into two separate ports. These adapters can be found at most electronics stores or online.

If your computer has separate audio out port, then you can plug the headphones into that port while using the built-in microphone on your laptop or desktop PC. If you don’t have extra audio out port, then you will need to get an adapter like described above.

The other option is to use a USB headset with a built-in microphone. Many of these headsets come with both 3.5mm jacks for standard headphones and built-in microphones.

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Ways to Use Headphone and Microphone at the Same Time

Several ways exist to use headphones and microphone at the same time. These include using a splitter, a headset with microphone, or two devices. Some of these options will give better results than others.

  • Splitter

A splitter is a small device that connects your headset’s jack to two different ports on your computer. One port will accept microphone input while the other accepts output such as sound from speakers or headphones. Splitters vary in price, but they are typically inexpensive. They may require a software download to work properly.

  • Headset with Microphone

A headset is a headphone-microphone combination that plugs into your computer with one connector. Headsets are available in many styles, including over-the-ear headphones with microphones integrated into the headband or attached to the earpiece itself.

  • Two Devices

Another option for using headphones and microphone at the same time is to use two separate devices. This method requires you to have a separate device for each function: one for your headphones and another for your microphone. In most cases, this can be accomplished by having one device plugged into a USB port and another plugged into an audio jack.

What Should You Do If Your Headphones or Microphone Don’t Function Properly?

  • Check to see if your microphone is muted before continuing.
  • Verify the audio device settings.
  • Ensure that your audio drivers are up to date.
  • Check the jack, cord, and microphone for any damage.
  • Replace the faulty headset if it’s still covered under warranty.

Why Do You Need to Use Headphone and Microphone at the Same Time?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to use your headphone and microphone at the same time. Maybe you’re gaming and need to communicate with your teammates. Or maybe you’re in a meeting and need to record everyone’s voice.

You may want a better sound quality of your voice when recording something or playing online games

You may want to listen to music while speaking with someone online or on the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Can’t I Use the Microphone in My Headphones?

A: Your audio devices may have been disabled by Windows or they are not working because your computer doesn’t recognize them. This is a common problem that happens when you’re using an external microphone or headphones. If you’re facing this problem, you won’t be able to use the microphones on your headphones.

Q: Is It Possible to Use Headphones and Microphone at The Same Time?

A: Yes. It’s possible to use headphones and microphone at the same time. Usually, the headphone has both a microphone and an audio jack. You can simply connect the microphone to your computer, then connect the headphone to the audio jack.

However, you can also use a single device for both functions. There are various types of combo devices that have both a mic and headphone in one. These types of devices work without any problems when you connect them to your PC or laptop.


Using a headset with headphones and microphone is quite beneficial when you are gaming online. This also enables you to listen to music in the meantime. Headphones help in isolating surrounding noise, whereas microphone helps in communicating with other gamers.

Even if you want to use headphones while using your microphone at the same time, with the help of a simple cable you can make it happen.

We believe that this guide has covered both the basic and advanced aspects equally well. In case you have any doubts or need more specific clarification than we have provided in this guide then feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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