What Does A White Noise Machine Sound Like? Best Guide 2022

What Does A White Noise Machine Sound Like?
What Does A White Noise Machine Sound Like?

Have you ever wondered “What does a white noise machine sounds like?” Most of us have heard the sound in movies where they simulate the sound of airplanes or rain, but if you are one of those people who has never used a white noise machine, then it is likely you have never been exposed to these sounds.

Here we will shed light on white noise and its creative sounds that may give you an idea of what to expect during its use and things to consider while purchasing white noise machines.

A lot of people have literally no clue about the use of white noise machines for privacy.

White Noise is a great aid for improving sleep quality, relaxation, concentration, and privacy at home/apartment or in the office. It is also an excellent tool to block out distractions while studying or working and to mask sounds like babies crying, snoring spouses, and noisy neighbors.

Let’s first understand the term “white noise” and then we will explore its sounds.

What is White Noise?

 White noise is a noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. The term was coined by analogy to white light, which contains many different frequencies in the visible part of the spectrum, within a range of colors (or ‘colors of light’ or spectral colors).

It is basically a background sound that you can use to mask any other sound. Undeniably, white noise is a great tool for sleep improvement, noise reduction, concentration, and privacy.

If you are still confused, the following video will help you understand the concept of white noise.


What is a White Noise Machine?

Unquestionably, a white noise machine is a machine that produces white noise. It is basically a machine that makes a continuous and consistent sound that is constantly changing in tone, pitch, and volume.

The sound machine emits sound in a similar way to the natural environment. For example, you can hear the sound of the ocean in the distance. The white noise generator does the same thing. It generates sound with equal frequencies and amplitudes, and it is perceived as the sound of the ocean in the distance.

The sound machine can be used to create a relaxing, restful environment for your home or office. You can also use it to mask sounds such as the sounds of babies crying, snoring spouses, and noisy neighbors thus blocking out distractions while studying, sleeping, or working.

What Does A White Noise Machine Sound Like? (Video Examples)

A white noise machine is some kind of sound masking tool that simulates nature sounds. The main intention is to eradicate distracting and irritating sounds.

Below are some of the sounds that you may hear from white noise machines:








Running Water


These natural sounds created by the sound machines mask any unwanted and annoying sounds, thus improving the overall quality of your home or office. For example, Rain is a natural phenomenon. It is caused by water drops falling from clouds. The raindrops strike the earth, creating a series of ripples that can be heard for quite a distance. This shooting noise masks the sounds of ambulance/ sirens giving you a calm environment for work or sleep.

You can choose your desired sound that soothes you more. But one thing that you should put into consideration is that not all sound machines available in the market offer so many sound options. The basic sound options that you will find in most sound machines are Rain, Fan, Ocean, Wind, and Whistling. It is better to see the sound options first that you like most than go for the purchase.

The following videos give you a clear idea of what a white noise machine sounds like.


The following video also exposes the most interesting features and sounds of white noise machines. (Snooz & Dohm Uno)


Lectrofan Evo noise machine sound

Most white noise machines give many options for fan sounds. For example large fans, Oscillating fans, Exhaust fans, Circular fans, industrial fans, and more. Everyone has his own choice, I like large fan sound as it soothes me a lot while sleeping, while my husband likes circular fan sound. Choose the sound that soothes & relaxes you.

How to Choose a white noise machine? Buying Guide

There are a number of things that you need to consider when buying a white noise machine. It is better to consider these factors before you purchase a white noise machine for an apartment or office.

Below are the most important things/questions that you need to consider before buying a white noise machine

Why are you purchasing a sound machine? What’s the need?

Firstly, you need to know what exactly your need is. Do you want to make your home or office calm and quiet? Or, do you want to block out the noises of babies crying, snoring spouses, and noisy neighbors to have better sleep or privacy?

Consider the environment that you live in. If you live in an apartment or an office, it is better to choose a white noise machine that gives you the option of different sounds. For example, you can choose the rain, ocean, fan, wind, or any other sounds that you like most. Apartments and offices are renowned for noise and the constant distraction of the outside world. A white noise machine having many sound options and adjustable volumes can really help you in your situation.

If you want to buy a white noise machine for the baby’s sleep, then you should choose a sound machine that is not much loud. This is because a loud sound machine may scare your baby and cause stress. A low frequency is soothing for babies and will not cause any discomfort. For example, machines that produce shooting low noises like a gentle fan, rain, and gentle breeze sounds are perfect.

What is your budget?

Secondly, you need to decide what your budget is. Do you have a tight budget? Most of the white noise machines available in the market are affordable. A simple and basic white noise machine is usually available for less than $20. But, if you are looking for a better white noise machine that gives more options, you may spend more than $100. It is better to purchase a machine that perfectly matches your needs and budget. Spending too much on what you don’t need is useless.

What kind of & how much noise do you want to mask?

Hence, you need to decide what kind of noise you want to mask. Do you want to mask the sound of your children playing or the sound of your neighbors screaming? Do you want to mask the sound of your car alarm or the sound of your refrigerator? Do you want to mask the sound of your office desk?

If these noises are very loud and bother you a lot, then you should consider buying a sound machine that offers the best sound masking features. Some of the features that you can find in most sound machines are adjustable volume, adjustable bass, and adjustable high-frequency sound.

Sometimes loud noises can’t be masked by using only one sound machine. You have to buy two or three machines especially if you want to buy them for the office. The right placement of a white noise machine is also very important. For the office, here is a complete guide on Where to place white noise machine in office?

Does a White Noise Machine help in improving sleep?

Definitely, white noise machines are great for sleep aids. They help in providing white noise that can be heard by the sleeper, thus making the sleeper feel more comfortable and relaxed.

However, recent studies on using white noise machines for sleeping bring out mixed results. Researchers said more research is needed to completely recommend white noise machines as a sleeping aid. As in some instances, with the use of white noise machines, people feel disturbance while sleeping. But it’s not the case for all the people in research. However, keeping the volume at recommended levels can solve the problem.

Final Thought

White noise is basically a background sound that you can use to mask any other sound. It contains all frequencies, creating a consistent blend of almost all sound frequencies. This makes it widely popular for several purposes. You can use it to mask unwanted sounds at home or work, or you can use it to improve the quality of your sleep.

In a nutshell, white noise machines are an essential piece of equipment for your home or office. They produce natural sounds like wind, rain, and ocean waves that are very soothing and relaxing.

It is necessary to follow the recommended guidelines while using white noise machines.

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