What Is Infrared Camera Used For? Best Guide

What Is Infrared Camera Used For

Infrared cameras have changed the way we look at different things. This technology had made it possible to look at the hidden things as well as bought threats regarding security concerns to an observable view. Due to this vast range of applications, infrared cameras are used by countless professionals.  

Their working mechanism of infrared is different from the ordinary camera. They give us images by capturing a particular range of electromagnetic radiation I.e. (700-1000nm) and then translate each wavelength into a corresponding color. The image thus formed is called thermography. For more information regarding this you can check here; Does Thermal Imaging Use Infrared? 

Before mentioning what an Infrared camera is used for, let’s take a look at what is an infrared camera. How does it work?  

What is an Infrared camera?           

Infrared cameras provide us with a unique view of the world. Understanding the proper use of these devices is as important as understanding the technology itself. So, let’s get into it without wasting time.     

Infrared cameras are usually described as non-contact cameras that detect an object by using thermal energy and then give its sensor an electrical signal, which helps to create the image of that particular object. The best thing about the cameras, they not only give us an image but we can also precisely measure the temperature of the subject body. What do you think can you see infrared cameras at Night? 

How do infrared cameras work?        

The infrared camera work on thermal imaging technology. It used infrared radiation to measure the temperature difference between different objects in a surrounding and gives us a thermograph.  

The camera contains a sensor that can sense the temperature of a particular object and can even observe a minute noticeable difference in heat. These sensors work on IR radiations, so they interpret that particular wavelength and give us visuals color accordingly.  

A few years back, they used to give a grayscale image but now you can get an infrared camera with multiple ranges of color details.  

What Is Infrared Camera Used For? Applications and Uses  

Despite being used in-house, infrared cameras are used by professionals too. These cameras have a vast range of applications. Let’s talk about some of the most common areas where infrared cameras are used widely. Here we go;  

Security and Surveillance  

Police and other crime investigation agencies use an infrared camera for locating the criminal or suspect even at night. Also, these cameras help to record a previously occurred incident which can be required by any law enforcement agency to investigate a suspect. This is how infrared cameras can be used as a piece of surveillance equipment for security purposes.  

Moreover, they are installed in offices, banks, schools, and other organizations to observe any suspicious behavior. If you are interested to get one, here you can get Best Infrared Camera for Roof Inspection. 


infrared cameras especially monocular and scopes are used by hunters to locate their prey even in the dark. Hunters can detect the moving animal because they emit heat which the infrared camera can perceive. 10X50 Binoculars for hunting help you to select the right binocular. 

Here are some of the best handheld imagers for hunting that are highly sensitive and able to detect even small temperature changes.  

In Firefighting  

Infrared cameras are vital tools that help firefighters to see through smoke and also allow them to monitor the fire’s spread, specifically during an emergency. During a rescue mission, these cameras help the firefighters to navigate easily and make an accurate decision at right time to find the victim earlier.  

Animal Detection and Pest Control  

As we know infrared cameras detect an object by identifying its body heat, so the body heat is given off by small animals for example rats, squirrels, and even insects lie wasps can be detected by these infrared cameras. Though insects are cold-blooded still they do generate energy i.e., heat. This heat generated by those insects allows the infrared camera to navigate them easily. During a non-intrusive wildlife survey, these cameras are used to conduct proper research.  

Infrared Testing in Building Construction  

These cameras are also used by building construction technicians to find out leaks in the building, which help to regulate accurate temperature regulation inside the building. These IR imagers can identify the building structure and highlight the faults in them. The heat dissipating from walls, HVAC equipment, and any other part of the building are the issues that are captured by IR imagers.   

Maintenance and Locating of Electrical Wires  

Infrared cameras can display the heat signatures related to electrical resistance before electrical failure. These electrical failures are either because of high resistance by poor contact between two wires or because of an overloaded circuit. Electricians and technicians use infrared cameras to precisely locate the points of hotspots in electrical wirings. These hot spots can appear as bright spots on the camera.  

Moreover, IR cameras also allow the electricians to analyze and evaluate different cables and connections. By spotting the active wires, electrical technicians can conduct maintenance and detect faults.   


Recently, researchers in the field of agriculture are using infrared cameras to monitor the stress of water on the crops for a water management research program. They are trying to find a way for farmers to cultivate more productively using less water.  

In addition, it is used by agriculturists for seed counting in research and packaging domains.  

Other Applications   

Despite the above fields, infrared cameras are used by the cricket Umpire Decision Review System to detect the contact between the ball, bat, and pad. Night-time wildlife photographers use these cameras to click pictures at night. These cameras are also used for inspecting photovoltaic power plants. In short infrared cameras are used in many fields which cannot be wholly covered here.  

Final Thoughts  

An infrared camera uses thermal radiation to detect a body. They do not need the visible range of light to detect an object. They can even give legit visuals during harsh climate conditions such as smog, mist, rain, etc. This property enables infrared cameras to be used by professionals from different fields. They are also not much costly in price and so easily purchased by everyone. Do you want to know how much a thermal camera costs? 



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