Where To Place White Noise Machine In Office? Best Guide

Where To Place White Noise Machine In Office?

Where would you place a white noise machine in the office?  The decision is critical, and it’s not an easy one. Don’t even bother: this article will reveal some of the best places for white noise machines.

I don’t know about you, but I can barely hear myself think in the office. Would it surprise you to learn that the average open office space is only 40% noise-absorbing? And this means that when you stand up next to your desk, you are likelier to curse out the talker in the cubicle than if you were standing in a public library.

Many other soundproof articles like curtains and panels are available in the market, but they can absorb the general noise.

However, the white noise machine is truly amazing. It is the perfect solution to the primary challenge of office quiet. It is a unique device as it ensures complete noise cancellation and gives you a place to think and create. If you have an office set-up in the apartment, then Best White Noise Machine For Apartments also works miraculously giving you complete calmness and privacy.

Let me explain to you first what is white noise and how white noise machines work?

What is white noise? How do white noise machines work?

White noise is a sound that fills the overall sound environment that masks the disruptive sounds. It is something that most people cannot recognize as that it is actually a sound because it has no pitch and has a fine texture. Sometimes it consists of a variety of sounds that are combined with each other. A white noise machine generates these noises and sends them through a built-in speaker to a company’s office or a room. These machines have been designed to neutralize all outside distractions to give an even field for workers so that they can focus on their work.

White noise machines typically produce sounds like:

  • Falling rain or thunderstorms.
  • Rushing waterfall or river sounds.
  • Campfire sounds (relaxing sound).
  • “Hush” (a low-frequency mixed sound good for masking ringing in the ears).
  • Pink noise (similar to white noise but higher in frequencies to help vibrating objects such as windows and doors).

White noise machines are portable, and you should consider places where you want people to be quiet. The device comes with a simple knob to adjust the noise level you want, and it can cover up any human voice or conversation at your workplace.

White noise machines can be powered by batteries or by plugging the unit into a wall socket. In either case, you’ll need to purchase a cord to connect the machine directly to a wall socket.

Where to put a white noise machine in the office? Helpful Tips and Guide

Any office space is bound to be loud – whether you’re sifting through papers or perusing the work’s water cooler gossip. This is why white noise machines are such a vital tool. Where to place the white noise machine in the office? is a serious consideration, however,  when placed appropriately, they’ll help drown out the ambient noise so you can concentrate on your task. Here are some tips and guides for finding the best spots to place white noise machines in your office.

  • Place the speakers near your desk; some white noise machines don’t require placement close to your head as they can be placed on the desk or floor.
  • For longer hours of work, place the speakers on either side of you so that you can hear from both sides. In this way, it will be easier for your ears to adjust to specific sounds and give a calming effect. This will further reduce distractions to a great extent.
  •  If you are working at a place where multiple people are working, place the speakers between two desks or two cubicles. This will help you put up an invisible barrier between two people to stop interruptions. White noise is a mixture of sounds that we hear every day, and no one really cares about that, like air-conditioner sounds or refrigerator or mechanical device sounds.
  • You can also use them as a replacement for headphones and listen to music while working. With this approach, your ears will be at ease without straining themselves too much because, by this time, they will have adjusted to the sounds.
  • Place one speaker right behind you and let it play low frequencies for a soothing effect. The best part is that white noise machines are available in small sizes which fit anywhere in your office workspace.
  • You can even take them with you when you are traveling or go out of the office for a meeting.
  • If the speakers are not playing any sound, you can keep your phone close to it to connect with Bluetooth so that it plays songs of your choice. This will give you a chance to listen to music or anything else that you like.
  • At the office and other public places, you can put it in any corner or top of your computer to reduce the background noise and give you a peaceful environment to lessen the fatigue and sickness caused by this type of noise.
  • One of the recommended placement in an office would be to set it on the desk beside you. The fan-like noises from such a device should help give you a sense of blocking out other distracting noises coming from around the office.
  • You can also bring this portable machine home. It will provide relief from common household noise, such as the vacuum cleaner or lawnmower, and help in a peaceful sleep. Use these machines for calming and relaxation, soothing fussy and crying babies, and masking tinnitus and another ringing in the ears.

A white noise machine is an absolutely new-generation sound machine for soundproofing. It doesn’t produce any irritating noise, but it makes people feel comfortable. However, you may think is the sound masking machine worth the investment? the answer is below

Frequently Asked Questions

Can white noise be harmful?

A white noise machine is a safer solution when you keep it at recommended volume. Keeping it below 60 decibels is also a sound level of a quiet library or office space that will not damage your hearing.

Can we use a white noise machine for loud talkers in an office?

Yes, a white noise machine can save you from being subjected to another person’s unpleasant voice or conversation at your workplace. For this, you can place a white noise machine at the side of your office table where loud talking happens. The white noise will cancel out your colleague’s voice and help you have a peaceful time at work.

Can white noise machine work for a larger office or space?

Yes, this device is the perfect solution to creating a bit of seclusion, even in large open spaces. Note that one Dohm can make incredible noise across larger areas like 300-500 square feet and can easily cover 3-4 workstations.

How to use a white noise machine for privacy?

Yes, you can use a white noise machine for privacy or confidential talk at your office. For this, put the device at the entrance or quiet corner of the office. The white noise machine will keep your colleagues from hearing what you are speaking even when they are trying to listen. This is the best option that will ensure privacy, but it can also create a bit of tension with employees who might be left wondering what you are up to. You can maintain a separate meeting room where the white noise machine is always switched on to avoid this.

Can a white noise machine mask the sound of machinery?

Yes, loud Offices use white noise machines to mask the sounds of machinery and printers, telephones, and other loud office noises like conversations, interruptions, phone calls, people walking around, and so on.

Final Thought:

In the simplest term, sound machines are most effective when appropriately placed at your workplace. It ensures that the sound of white noise covers other office noises and creates a serene environment for yourself. White noise machines are inexpensive to purchase and relatively inexpensive to operate. These devices are portable, so they can be moved from room to room. These machines are also relatively lightweight, making it easy to transport them from one office to another. White noise machines are also noisy and are often annoying to those around you. But, if you place your device in a location where other people won’t hear it, this problem should be solved.

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