Will A White Noise Machine Drown Out Snoring? Best Guide 2022

Will A White Noise Machine Drown Out Snoring? Best Guide 2022

If a snoring partner is keeping you up or you simply have trouble falling asleep at night, then using a white noise machine can be helpful. But then “Will a white noise machine drown out snoring completely?”

In my experience, a good white noise machine for adults can completely drown out the sound of moderate snoring from a partner sleeping beside you. It works well against snoring coming from a distance, too. White noise machines also help you sleep better and calmly. But for loud snoring what will you do?

There are many anti-snoring devices on the market today like foam earplugs, earmuffs, anti-snoring pillows, sound machines, sleep buds, nasal strips, headband sleep headphones, etc. But finding the right solution is tricky.

To demonstrate the best way to deal with a snoring partner, I decided to test a variety of anti-snoring devices on myself. I’ve tried a few of these products and found that they all work to some degree. But still, there is a solution for moderate, loud, and very loud snoring. The first thing is to find what type of snoring you want to block out?

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Snoring is usually classified into low-pitched and high-pitched. Low-pitched snoring also called moderate snoring is caused by the vibration of loose tissues in the nostrils while breathing, while high-pitched snoring also called loud snoring is produced by the vibration of the soft palate and palatine uvula while breathing.

Both types of snoring are usually caused by airway obstruction, resulting in a reduction of airflow to and from the lungs.

Snoring usually starts in the early stages of sleep and can continue throughout the night. But in some cases, it can also occur during the day. Snoring can be a sign of other health conditions such as obesity, enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps, and a deviated nasal septum.

To drown out snoring, it’s best to check what type of snoring bothers you? Moderate or loud snoring?

Here I have discussed some solutions that help me block out snoring.

How to Drown out Moderate Snoring?

Moderate snoring falls in the range of 40-60 decibels. A moderate snorer is not someone who snores constantly and continuously. However, he will wake you up at night. Most people come in this category.

To block out a moderate snorer, I tried two different anti-snoring devices

1. Foam Earplugs

2. White Noise machine

I would recommend starting with a simple technique i.e. foam earplugs. Foam earplugs are simple, cheap, and easy to use. However, silicon and wax earplugs are also available for the same solution but in my experience, foam earplugs (with 33 noise reduction rating NRR) can be more effective.

If only earplugs can’t work for you, then using a white noise machine along with earplugs can be a great solution. Put foam earplugs in your ear and play a white noise machine near your head. You will hear the white noise drowning out the snoring. The sounds of the white noise machine are very relaxing and calming. They help to mask all unwanted noise, giving out one relaxing sound that helps in sleeping and relaxing.

How does a White Noise machine Drown out Loud Snoring?

A white noise machine is a small, cheap, and useful piece of tech that is used to drown out snoring. A white noise machine produces a continuous stream of sound that is nearly identical to natural sounds. White noise machines create the soothing sound of rushing water or ocean waves, fans, etc. to mask unpleasant sounds, such as snoring, stray pet noises, or downstairs neighbors that play their music too loud.

Now the question is where to place a white noise machine. You can put it on the side table of your bed. This will not only help easy control but also the white noise mask all unwanted snoring or noises from you.

Important for You: You can also use the white noise app for android and for IOS. But in my experience, there are not as effective as the white noise machines.

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How to drown out Loud Snoring?

Loud snoring falls in the range of 60-90 decibels. A loud snorer is someone who snores loudly and continuously. It is the kind of snoring that will keep you awake. Next, I tried the following anti-snoring devices to block loud snoring.

1. Foam earplugs

2. Snore blocking headphones or headband sleep headphones

3. Sound machine

To deal with loud snoring you can use these three devices. First, wear foam earplugs that will be expected to reduce 40 decibels of sound then wear headphones or headband sleep headphones to block out more 20-30 decibels of the sound. And finally, play a sound machine near your head to block out the remaining snoring.

How do Headphones or Headband Sleep headphones Drown out Snoring?

Noise-canceling Headphones or headband sleep headphones are a great solution for those who have a lot of snoring or have a snoring partner. They are designed to fit around your head.

Headband Sleep headphones are more effective as they are made up of mesh material or fleece fabric. . This is because the mesh material helps to block out sound and is comfortable during sleeping. It has removable thin speakers that are fitted to the headband. The headband is adjustable and can be used for different sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Earmuffs help to block out snoring?

It depends on the type of snoring. Earmuffs are best to drown out high-frequency noise like squeaking, mosquitoes, screaming, glass breaking, and nails on a chalkboard. They can be useful for moderate snoring if fitted correctly, they can block out up to 30 decibels of noise.

Can white noise block out snoring?

Yes, white noise not only can block out snoring but is also helpful to create a peaceful environment for sleeping and work. White noise is also used to mask noise from outside, like traffic, construction, and the TV. It is a noise that has all frequencies in equal intensities. This noise is similar to natural sounds, such as ocean waves, rain, or fans, and very soothing and calming masking all the disruptive noises.

How do Earplugs block out noise?

Earplugs are designed to block out low-frequency noise, like a loud tractor, air movement machinery, aircraft, road vehicles, artillery, etc. They can be useful to drown out snoring up to 30 decibels. They are either made up of silicon, wax, or foam material but foam material works well for blocking out noise.

Final Thought

Snoring is a common problem. There are different types of snoring, loud snoring, moderate snoring, and mild snoring. Snoring can be the cause of sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, and insomnia. It can cause a lot of discomfort for both the snorer and the bed partner.

There are several solutions to drown out snoring. The most common solutions are earplugs, headphones or headband sleep headphones, sound machines, etc. These are called anti-snoring devices. But in my experience, using white noise machines to drown out snoring can be a very effective way to get a good night’s sleep. It cannot only help you to sleep better but also create a peaceful and quiet environment that can reduce stress, improve your overall health, and boost your immune system.

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